Bianca Kiso - artist encaustic


Artistic education: Self-taught
29.07.1988, born in Romania, raised in Austria

Through the concentrated load of unimaginable experiences in my past, I was able to develop in a very unique way. I recognised as a little girl how important it is to be strong, to fight and to have confidence in yourself. Painting has been an outlet for me  ever since then. It helped and helps me express myself!

Through my pictures I want to transport and share my way of thinking, feeling and acting, the way I see the world and its people. They are filled with concentrated power and strength, often wordless interpretations of life in all its fullness.

I paint in the ancient technique of encaustic, since working with beeswax, pigments and fire is a constant challenge in many ways! It is the process in which success and failure dance in a concentrated, creative way that makes me the most honest. I rely solely on my instinct and my intuition … When I win the duel, I overcome the tragedy of loss and witness the emergence of a feeling or an experience from my deepest interior which is now manifested in front of me. And suddenly I do not only feel it – I see it – and everyone else does too !