Bianca Kiso - artist encaustic


Bianca Kiso works as a self-taught artist in the technique of encaustic. Wax painting, which has fallen into oblivion, is proven to be one of the oldest art techniques for over 3,000 years. The method of burning the chosen color pigments onto the respective surfaces by means of heated beeswax allows the works of art to be preserved for eternity. This technique is the only manufacturing process handed down over thousands of years that makes works of art durable against external influences. The elaborate process has always had a high price, is still considered unique and requires great craftsmanship. Bianca Kiso has dedicated herself to all facets of encaustic painting for many years. Through the challenging technique, the artist experiences constant ups and downs and works her very personal experiences and motivations thematically into the paintings and deals with existential philosophical questions, which she analyzes, among other things, through introspection and divides into series of works according to suject matter.

Her works are shown nationally and internationally in galleries, at art fairs and in museums and are represented in private as well as public collections such as the Art Collection of the Province of Upper Austria, the Collection Museum Angerlehner, Collection of the City of Traun and the Collection of ART Malaysia.

Artists Statement:

Who am I? How many are WE?
When am I WHO? and what does that do to YOU?
Am I another YOU?

“In my artistic work I deal with existential philosophical questions about the nature of humankind. My works are abstract allegories of thoughts, experiences, and analyses of the confrontation with myself, the process of becoming and the formation of identity. Through encaustic painting I document, compress and preserve thought constructions into sense impressions and sense impressions I decode in turn through performance into thought constructions.

I paint in the ancient technique of encaustic, as working with beeswax, pigments and fire challenges me constantly and in many ways! It is the process of success and failure dancing together in a focused, creative way that keeps me most honest. My artistic work is based on the irrepressible urge to explore what it means to be human.”